What Game Would You Make a Success

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Summary:I was struggling to find anything to talk about this morning. Luckily I checked Paul Barnett#DY#s blog to find a follow up question to the popular What Game Would You Unmake?. This time Paul wants to know What game would you make a success?.

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What game would you make a success?
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I was struggling to find anything to talk about this morning.  Luckily I checked Paul Barnett#DY#s blog to find a follow up question to the popular "What Game Would You Unmake?". This time Paul wants to know "What game would you make a success?".

"A follow on from what game would you unmake is the idea that you can change a game (or hardware) from failiure or small success into big success. I mean would the landscape look different if that Virtual Reality stuff had been really popular? How about the Dreamcast selling massive? Maybe that game "The Sentinel" cold have altered game history? So if you could change the face of the game world by granting stunning success, just what would you pick?" Paul Barnett

This question is a tough one. It#DY#s not asking us what game we would make better or what game we would change. It#DY#s simply asking which game (or hardware) we would grant stunning success. I wish that SWG and Vanguard were more successful on one hand, but on the other do I really?  Had those games been a stunning success then flawed mechanics and horrible gameplay would have been mainstream.  So which game or hardware, as is/was, would I grant stunning success?

I would grant Dark Age of Camelot enormous and stunning success. I feel that it was a small or barely medium success in comparison to some mmorpgs out there.  The influence that DAOC had on the industry could have been more. What if it had been an enormous success?  It could have changed PvP in mmos immensely.  Had it been an epic success then maybe World of Warcraft would have focused more on their open world PvP instead of PvE. It would have actually been a Warcraft game! Just imagine if WoW had shown more DAOC influence… that would have been a fantastic game and one I would likely still be playing today. World of Warcraft itself has had such an impact on mmo gaming.(arguably for good or bad)  Granting DAOC more success could have allowed the greatness of DAOC to permeate throughout the industry. Perhaps a greater DAOC success would have boosted Warhammer Online#DY#s development giving us a quicker release. Hey, maybe Mythic would have expanded instead of merging with EA and developed Imperator as well! DAOC has a lot of great features which are manifesting themselves in WAR, but had they been influential in their prime we could have seen a whole lot more.

What game or hardware would you make a success?


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