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KeyWord: F2P, P2P, Secret Online Date: 03-13-2008
Summary: Secret Online is a full 3D MMORPG full of ancient mystery deeply involved in technology, martial arts, intriguing sociology, and politics. It drew its inspirational materials from the long and rich history of China.

Secret Online is a full 3D MMORPG full of ancient mystery deeply involved in technology, martial arts, intriguing sociology, and politics. It drew its inspirational materials from the long and rich history of China. Now,Steven Wade,perhaps the youngest CEO of F2P game industry, led this game to America.Just let this youthy guy come to tell us more info about this game.

MMOsite.com: Thanks for taking our interview. First off, would you please give us a brief introduction about yourself and your company Zyon Games? What led you to leave Aeria Games and found your own company Zyon Games?

Steven Wade: Well I left Aeria Games to help start a smaller publisher in New York called New Game World.  We had a great running start (30,000 accounts in the first month) but, I really didnt enjoy how the company was run and decided to do things my way: Laverne and Shirley Style.

Zyon Games will encourage user-created content and give players total control of how they want to play their games. We#DY#re a passionate bunch of gamers ourselves. Our goal is to revolutionize the f2p mmo industry.

MMOsite.com: Secret Online is based on ancient Chinese myths. What#DY#s the back-story in Secret Online? And why did you decide to import an oriental MMORPG to the U.S. market?


Steven Wade: Secret Online has a very rich and deep storyline. The game takes you way back in time to the dawn of Chinese civilization and to the first dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, a period of over two thousands years! Unlike any other F2P MMORPG on the market, Secret Online also features a detective-style storyline. Each quest you take on will give you hints to help you solve an ancient mystery, a puzzle or take you one step closer to finding the truth about a dark conspiracy. If you liked stories such as the "Da Vinci Code", you will absolutely fall in love with Secret Online#DY#s storyline because this is the ultimate Chinese version of the "Da Vinci Code"! That#DY#s just one of the reasons why I chose Secret Online! Of course there are tons oriental F2P MMORPGs already in the market, so why would I bring another "Oriental MMORPG" if I didn#DY#t know for sure that Secret Online is the latest and the best out of all of them?



MMOsite.com: As we know, the Chinese version of Secret Online is already in its open beta. When will you make Secret Online go into open beta in the United States? Will there be anything different between the Chinese Version and the English version?

Steven Wade: We have already began the Alpha test of Secret Online in English and have plans to open it up to more users within the month.

A professional team will localize the game according to Western gamers#DY# tastes.  The English version will have much more cool events that encourage creativity and passion.




MMOsite.com: Talk something about the characters in Secret Online. What are their backgrounds and what types of abilities does each one offer?

Steven Wade: You can play your character any way you like in Secret Online. There are three classes in the game right now: warrior, assassin and the wizard, but you can also be a blacksmith, tailor, crafter, trader, chef or an alchemist. Secret Online values team-play and encourages players to fight in a party, not only do you get more exp that way, but each class also has their own unique role & abilities that#DY#s crucial for a team. For example, assassins are great for sneaking behind an enemy and did I mention you get extra damage if you attack an enemy from behind? Wizards not only have powerful elemental spells, they are also great for support roles. For warriors, they are the backbones of any strong army. They also have great flexibilities as what kind of role you want it to be. You can duel wield heavy weapons to make it a "berserker", or if you are a "meat shield" type, you can equip a strong shield by sacrificing a weapon. Another cool feature is that if your character is right handed, your weapon on that hand will do more damage than the other! Secret Online is definitely going to be the most realistic F2P MMORPG you#DY#ve ever played!

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