New MMORPG Cronous Launches in Philippines

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Summary:Cronous is published in the Philippines by ABS-CBN Interactive#DY#s online games division, Amped Games. This MMORPG was created by Lizard Interactive, a game software development company based in South Korea.

Like other MMORPGs, Cronous is set in a medieval fantasy world occupied by monsters and other mythical creatures. Players can choose between four playable characters: Fighter, Magician, Valkyrie and Savage. Each character has distinct characteristics that develop as the player increases in level.

"What makes Cronous more engaging for our players is that there are numerous basic and hidden quests for players to build up in game. So the game is more unpredictable and interesting for veteran MMORPG players," Padua said.

Internet cafes nationwide now offer Cronous to its player base. Due to the increasing demand for its games. Amped Games is open to distributors who are interested in carrying Amped Games Cards.

"Our cards are a low-risk, fast moving product that would complement existing card distributor businesses. We are expanding our distributor network aggressively this year in order to address the increasing demand for our player cards." Padua said.

Getting ahead in Cronous

The level of a player determines the special skills and items he can use. With more experience, a player will be rewarded with more additions to its bag of tricks. Its level increases not just by defeating opponents but by completing numerous basic and hidden quests.

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