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Summary:MMOsite is pleased to announce the establishment of MMO Writer Club and we sincerely invite you to join and become an MMO Writer Club member.

MMOsite is pleased to announce the establishment of MMO Writer Club and we sincerely invite you to join and become an MMO Writer Club member.

What we offer:

1. 1,000,000 registered users
As long as your article is good enough, you#DY#ll win a lot of MMOsite fans.

2. Earn extra income
The author will receive a cash reward from MMOsite for every article which is recommended by our editor or posted on MMOsite News & MMOsite Feature. If you#DY#re a prolific writer with excellent writing, you#DY#ll receive a decent income from MMOsite.

3. Name recognition:
We will give you credit for every article produced by you. In addition, we will help promote your articles so that more readers will know about you and your articles.

What you need to do:

1. Sign up to become an MMOsite member, open your blog at MMOSITE Blog and post your articles on MMOsite Blog.

2. Apply to join MMOsite Writer Club and fill in the application form.

3. Provide us your PayPal account to receive payment from MMOsite.

Please NOTE:

All the articles posted on MMOsite Blog are co-owned by MMOsite and their author.MMOsite has the right to revise the articles. MMOsite allows authors to publish their articles on other online media or print media, but the author must specify that the article is co-owned by MMOsite and put up an MMOsite link and LOGO.

Please ensure the legality and authenticity of your PayPal account. MMOsite will not be responsible for any problems occurred due to your PayPal account problem.

When posting your article on MMOsite NEWS or MMOsite FEATURE, MMOsite Blog editor will contact you for your confirmation. Please give us a reply as soon as possible.

Requirements for receiving cash rewards:

1. The article must be exclusively published on MMOsite Blog and MMOsite Blog must be the first place you publish the article. If we discover that the article is plagiarized or MMOsite Blog is not the first place you publish the article, you will not receive any cash reward from MMOsite for the said article. If you violate this rule repeatedly, you will be deemed to automatically quit MMOsite Writers Club.

2. Those articles which are posted on MMOsite NEWS or MMOsite FEATURE  will win author a cash reward. The author will receive a minimum payment of 10 dollar for each article posted on MMOsite News or MMOsite FEATURE. On top of that, the author may receive an extra reward of 1-50 dollar depending on the number of visitors, quality of the article and feedback from the readers, etc.

3. Those articles which are not accepted but get recommended by our editor will also win author a cash reward. 5 dollars for each recommended article.

4. MMOsite will make payment on the basis of 100 dollar. If the amount is over 100 dollar, the excessive amount will be included in the next payment of 100 dollar. For example, now you earn 95 dollar. When you have another article accepted, totally you#DY#ll earn 105 dollar. In such circumstance, this time we#DY#ll only pay you 100 dollar. The remaining 5 dollar will be paid until your reward accumulates to 100 dollar again.

If you are interesting in our suggestion, you can DOWNLOAD the application and send to cooperation3@mmosite.com

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