WolfTeam Interview with Jihun Kang
KeyWord: WolfTeam, Interview, Jihun Kang Date: 04-20-2007
Summary: WolfTeam Interview with CDO of WolfTeam develop team--Jihun Kang.

Recently, high expectation FPSMMO game WolfTeam kicked off its beta testing. At the eve of starting, MMOSITE s journalist--Seal Danpier got a chance to chat with Jihun Kang, the CDO of WolfTeam s develop team.Now let me see what did he got.
You can visit http://wolfteam.softnyx.net for more about WolfTeam.

WolfTeam s CB testing account giving away event has been kicked off, click here to get into the world full of blood and roar, come on!


MMOSITE.COM: Hello, I m Seal from MMOSITE, nice to chat with you. To start, please give us a brief introduction about yourself and Softnyx, when was Softnyx founded, how many staff do you have, and what about your game--related experience?

Jihun Kang: Hello my name is Jihun Kang in charge of our development team who produced Wolfteam in Softnyx. It s been almost 12 years since I developed online games for PC online and mobile games. I have made Gunbound and Rakion in Softnyx and other games.

Softnyx was found April of 2001 and have 50 employees in a ball park, and its about 10 employees in the WolfTeam s develop team. Softnyx has been making online games with various and unique fun. We currently are serving an online turn--shooting game Gunbound and an online action game Rakion all over the world.

MMOSITE.COM: OK, now let s cut to the chase. You are inviting testers for its open test starting 26th April through 2nd May. Any requirements for the testers? So far, how many gamers have applied for the test?

Jihun Kang: There are no particular requirements. This closed--beta is to test its game play and network stability. The number of current applicants is little bit over 2,000.  Our biggest goal is to know how well users get used to battles using Wolves and how much they have fun with it.

MMOSITE.COM: Numerous gamers wanna know more about WolfTeam. Can you give it a brief description? What will make it stand out?

Jihun Kang: Wolfteam has many special features that will differentiate it from the original format of online FPS games. Softnyx has made many online games and we have always worried about fun factors that apply to only online games other than console games or single--play game. WolfTeam is a game with full of unique fun as an "online FPS game."

To start off, the most stand--out of WolfTeam is the Weapon Point(WP) System. WP system earns you WP as a compensation of your "cool play" and using the point, you get allowed to buy stronger weapons. This system let WolfTeam able to provide strong and various weapons without ruining the balance between users. Users also may pre--set the weapons managing points and it will give you strategic fun.
WolfTeam provides various game modes. Base capturing, bomb planting, team death match and human VS wolf mode are supported. Each game mode includes new tires for more strategies to be available.

Weapon upgrade system is available. Each weapon has its own capability by a user s modification or additional installation. Its appearance of course, changes so that users can design their own weapons by their flavor or strategies.

And there are more of fun factors that none of other FPS games did have, like wolf transformation, compensation system according to the game status, strong in--game clan system and so on. Help yourself!

MMOSITE.COM: Transforming into wolf form is a highlight of WolfTeam. Could you elaborate more on it? What are the preconditions for transforming? What benefits can a gamer receive when playing in wolf form?

Jihun Kang: Transformation between human and wolves is free. Users decide to transform under their needs or strategies. Transforming into Wolves enables you to make many special movies like jump higher, climb walls or show special abilities in hand--to--hand fights. Wolves of course are much stronger than human beings and it takes much more damages for Wolves to get killed. Wolves howl and secure more physical strength instantly. Wolves also get additional supernatural power let them transparent in a certain game mode.

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