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Summary:Blizzard announced the beta test stage of World of Warcraft Armory is now available.

Blizzard announced the beta test stage of World of Warcraft Armory is now available.

Blizzard is proud to unveil the beta test stage of World of Warcraft Armory, the next big step in the evolution of the official World of Warcraft community website. Located at, this beta version of our new dynamic site offers some brand-new web features using information taken directly from the World of Warcraft game database:

Character Profiles:
 View equipment, stats, skills, reputation, and talent build of every character above level ten with the in-depth Character Profiles. You can check out your own characters, or check out those of your friends and guild mates – all characters from all realms are listed in the armory.
Guild Profiles:
 Access information about any guild, including the guild’s roster and a detailed statistical breakdown of the guild’s race, class, gender, and level combination with the Guild Profiles.
Arena Team Profiles:
 See how your team is doing or check out the competition with the Arena Team Profiles. These profiles provide you with some very valuable information about your team, like your team rating, your standing, win/loss history, and team membership.
Arena Ladders:
 Always stay up-to-date on which team holds the top spot, which teams are quickly climbing up the ranks, and the players to watch out for, with the PvP Arena Ladder.
Head over to the brand-new World of Warcraft Armory beta website now, and make sure to add to your bookmarks. If you have any Armory feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to post in this forum thread and let us know what you think.

We hope you?ll enjoy this new site!

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