Third Closed Beta: Saturday

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Summary:Mgame would like to go over a couple of things before it officially begins.

Since the fourth day of the 3rd Closed Beta is packed full of activities, events, and test-targets, Mgame would like to go over a couple of things before it officially begins:

Character Creation:

-Starting after a brief server maintenance at 4:30am PST on Saturday February 03, 2007, players will have the ability to create level 35 characters to test the second promotion quest and faction war.  The following are the general rules of the Character Creation Test:

1.  Only characters made in the third and fourth slots of the Character Selection screen will be made level 35.
2.  When a level 35 character is made, it will come with the first promotion already completed, 500,000 gold. and 300,000 ki points.
3.  Characters that have been made before the server maintenance will NOT be erased.
4.  Characters that start at level 35 will have the best items available from the first promotion

Faction War:

-Scions of Fate will be running a Faction War for players who have completed the Second Promotion.  Please be sure to choose a faction and complete the quests if you wish to participate.

Merchant Clearance Sale:

-In order to clear out their inventories, our Merchants will be selling all items for 1 gold!!  While sale prices may appear normally in their sale window; upon buying items, they will see that the price has dropped to 1 gold.

PvP Tournament

-There has been a slight change of schedule for the  PvP Tournament.  The Tournament will be held all day on Sunday, while the registration process begins at 10:30am on Saturday!!  Users may register by sending a 1:1 Customer Service Inquiry with the title: "Sign me up for the PvP Tournament"  Exact rules and details for the tournament will be posted later in the day on Saturday February 3, 2007.

So go and enjoy the game now.

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