GM Scrambled Word Event: Rules and Regulations

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Summary:Mgame announces the rules and details of their first GM Scrambled Word Event

Greetings and Salutations from the GM Team at Scions of Fate!!

We are extremely excited to announce our very first GM Scrambled Word Event!!  The following are the rules and details:

-Everyday we will announce a Scrambled word via in-game and on the website at 12pm PST (on the first day we will announce it at 8pm PST). 

-Starting from 3pm, GM Shenanigans will message random players who are online with the question: "Have you unscrambled the word of the day?".  If given the right word, GM Shenanigans will give the player an item directly!  

-At the end of the fifth day, players will have the opportunity to combine all five scrambled words to create a "catch-phrase" already used for Scions of Fate.  From the fifth day until release, users may send a 1:1 inquiry with the correct catch phrase to receive a special item after the release.  

*Be sure to send the catch phrase BEFORE release to redeem the prize*

When Shenanigans is in the game messaging players we WILL announce it in the game. 

Since he will randomly be messaging players in the game, there is no ONE way to get noticed; but we will be giving HUNDREDS of items out a day, so be on the lookout in the game.

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