Scions of Fate Third Closed Beta: Event Schedule

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Summary:Mgame has prepared a breakdown of Third Closed Beta Events.
The Events of the Third Closed Beta

Mgame has prepared a breakdown of Third Closed Beta Events with descriptions, times, locations (where applicable). The times might be a little askew for the first day as they are currently testing certain systems and formats, but everything should be all and well from the second day on.

For certain events (like the PvP Tournament, Scrambled Word, In-Game Introduction) they will continue to post details throughout Beta via in-game and web announcements so please continue to check the notices.

1. GM Shop Event

Date: 01/31/07, 02/02/07, 02/04/07
Time: 4pm-5pm; 9pm-10pm PST
Description: For the given event duration, GMs will be setting up shop throughout all of Central Valley selling various items for 1 gold. At the beginning of the event stage, Mgame will announce in-game the names of the GMs opening up shops so that players may know exactly who to look for.

2. Follow the White Rabbit

Date: 01/31/07, 02/04/07
Time: All Day
Location: Central Valley
Description: Throughout the course of the day there will be a player named “WhiteRabbit” who will drop items randomly on the ground. But be warned! WhiteRabbit’s habits are completely random. He is known to hang around Central Valley, often doing nothing (even for long periods of time), until he starts suddenly throwing items away!

3. GM Scrambled Word Event

Date: 01/31/07-02/04/07
Time: 12pm PST (3pm PST on the first day)
Description: Everyday Mgame will announce a special scrambled word both in-game and on the web at 12pm PST (3pm on the first day). A GM will then quiz the players randomly via whispers in game (all day long) to see whether they have successfully unscrambled the word. If the player has successfully unscrambled the word, they will receive a special in-game prize directly from the GM. We will be giving out TONS of items in this manner so be prepared with the right answer! This is a daily event so if you are not quizzed on the first day, keep trying!! At the end of the fifth day, users will have the opportunity to combine all five words (given throughout the Closed Beta) to make a sentence and send it in (via 1:1 Customer Service Inquiry). If successful, players will receive an item for their characters for Scions of Fate AFTER the release!!

4. In-Game Introduction Event

Date: 01/31/07-02/04/07
Time: All Day
Description: Throughout the course of the day, Mgame will be making server-wide announcements explaining the basics of leveling and gameplay for the pre-set level bracket. For instance, on Monday they will cover the basic areas of leveling and questing for the level bracket of 1-10 through in-game announcements. The level bracket schedule is available in the schedule of events for the Third Closed Beta.

5. Faction War

Date: 02/03/07-02/04/07
Time: 10:30am PST, 8pm PST
Location: Faction Warzone
Description: There will two faction wars held on the fourth and fifth day of Closed Beta. To participate in the faction wars, players may speak with the Ladies of their respective faction villages. Details of the exact rules and regulations of the Faction Wars are available in the notice page under announcements.

6. NPC Clearance Sale: Buy Buy Buy!!!

Date: 02/03/07-02/04/07
Time: All Day
Description: To generate income, the merchants of Scions of Fate have significantly dropped the prices of items in their stores! Scions of Fate will be running a 50% sales for all items! Please browse the shop for items that you might want!

7. 4 Hour Time Event

Date: 01/31/07-02/04/07
Time: All Day
Description: If players play Scions of Fate during this event time, they will receive increased experience and money drop rates while they play!! The longer they stay, the higher increases they will experience!

Time Increase Effect

Entrance 5% increase in Experience and Game Money
After 1 Hours 10% increase in Experience and Game Money
After 2 Hours 15% increase in Experience and Game Money
After 3 Hours 20% increase in Experience and Game Money
After 4 Hours Effect returns to 0%

Note : After 4 hours have passed, the increased effect will revert back to 0%. As players continue to play, the increase effect will restart from 5%.

8. PvP Tournament

Date: 02/03/07-02/04/07
Time: Starts at 4pm PST
Description: After signing up for the PvP tournament (exact details TBA at a later date), players will have the opportunity to test their metal against other players starting from the fourth day of our Closed Beta. The first day of tournament has been scheduled for the elimination rounds and semi-finals. The last day will be reserved for the tournament finals. Keep your eyes and ears open for rules of how to sign up and participate!!

9. Boss Monster Event

Date: 02/01/07, 02/03/07
Time: 11am PST, 7pm PST
Location: Central Valley
Description: Every once in a while, certain infamously strong characters decide to visit the towns and wreak havoc. While it’s the guards duties to stop these characters, on rare occasions they still manage to get through. For cases such as this, Mgame call upon the players to help defend the town and townsfolk’s general safety.

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