3rd SOF Beta Account Giveaway Event kicks off!

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Summary:MMOsite is happy to announce that we are teaming up with Mgame to bring the third Scions of Fate Beta Account Giveaway Event to our members.

MMOsite is happy to announce that we are teaming up with Mgame to bring the third Scions of Fate Beta Account Giveaway Event to our members. through entering the event, Every MMOsite member will have a key for the upcoming MMORPG Scion of Fate Third Closed Beta.

Note:  This third CB Keys are only available for those members who didn?t get our first and second CB keys last time. Sorry.

About Scion of Fate

Scions of Fate is a casual action MMORPG based on the conflicts between the two major factions of Central Valley, The Order and Chaos. In the story, Central Valley was originally a place where aspiring warriors and adventurers gathered to gain both strength and ability; it was a time of peaceful learning and devout training. But as time passed, the warriors of Central Valley began to create philosophy and ideology behind their teachings, which led to disorder and unease amongst the ranks.

In the year of 2005, [Scions of Fate] has been recognized by Korean Government to be the best MMORPG by winning the national President Award in the MMORPG category. In the same year, [sof:Balance of Power] has been awarded with seven game awards in China, and since then, it has become the best and widely played MMORPG across Asia. [Scions of Fate] currently has servers active in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand and has been receiving rave reviews from the MMORPG community. Since the opening to up until now, [Scions of Fate] has logged more than 35 million users and even now has more than 600,000 concurrent online users. [Scions of Fate] is a game that incorporates adorable animations with stunning combat visuals to create a game that is both fun and easy to play. While there are surprisingly complex skills, [Scions of Fate] incorporates a simple control system that allows even the most inexperienced players to get the most out of the game.

The Meaning of the Title

The title of the game "sof" is an abbreviated form of the full title "Yul-Hyul-Gang-Ho," which has a meaning of "Hot-Blooded Strong Tiger." The subtitle "Balance of Power" refers to the two factions that are presented in the game: "The Order" and "Chaos." This game is created on the basis of the most popular Korean Martial Arts Comic "Yul-Hyul-Gang-Ho" which has its version in English "The Ruler of the Land."

Basic Storyline

Creations of Factions: "The Order" and "Chaos"

The story of [Scions of Fate] takes place in a mythical realm of martial arts. In this realm there is a place called "Central Valley" where martial artists from all over the world gather to practice special combat tactics and skills to improve their strength of mind, body, and spirit. In this realm there existed clans which were created to more effectively spread the knowledge of martial arts but as the clans grew more and more numerous, a faction arose that called itself "The Order" which, in effect, ruled the clans with the best martial artists administering to the factions needs. "The Order" was also created for fighters who wished to not only learn new skills and improve their abilities but also to gain spiritual enlightenment. Soon, another faction was created to be set in opposition to "The Order" and this faction was called "Chaos." Those who allied themselves with this faction saw fighting and learning skills to be the priority and thus, saw spiritual enlightenment as a frivolous endeavor. As time passed, these two factions were plunged into conflict and the original hope of solely developing martial artists through training and discipline was lost and "The Order" and "Chaos" basically became two political entities. In [Scions of Fate] players become martial artists and begin their journey through "Central Valley;" learning martial arts, completing tasks, and mastering skills. As they progress, players will be able to choose factions to join and participate in massive battles for the honor of their factions. Players choose their factions at the level of 35. [The Faction War System: "Authority Clash"] In [Scions of Fate] we named the faction war, "Authority Clash" and it is the battle between two factions: "The Order" and "Chaos." The battle takes place in a separated map, where players can enter via a NPC. Once players join the battle, they will see statues of the story writer and a painter. They will represent each faction. The objective of this clash is to break down the symbolic statue of opposing faction. In trying to complete this assignment, players will have to face players from the opposing faction and engage in a large massive combat. Players will gain many benefits in terms of finance and honor if they win the battle. "Authority Clash" also follows along the line of misunderstanding that has been reoccurring between two factions. Such grouping of the factions will let players to team up against the opposing faction and hence build strong connection each other with the faction or "the house." ("The House" represents "guild")


"Items" are extremely significant in this game. When players level up, their attack and defense abilities will only increase by one to three points whereas an item can be enchanted up to +6- attack or +4- defense. Each enchantment increases attack by +6 or defense by +3, and different essences will greatly affect item stats also. Players will be crafting items to assist them in fast leveling to use many high leveled items, and once they reach this level, they use these high level items available in the game, and as towards very high levels, players will be crafting again to create the unique and very high in capability items.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 2000/XP
CPU: Above Pentium III 800MHz
Memory: Above 256MB
Video Card: Video card with VRAM 16MB
HDD Empty Capacity: Above 1GB
Dirext X : Above DirectX 9.0c

Recommended Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
CPU: Above Pentium IV 1.4GHz
Memory: Above 512MB
Video Card: Video card with VRAM 64MB
HDD Empty Capacity: Above 4GB
Direct X : Above DirectX 9.0c

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