City of Heroes/Villains Holiday Event

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Summary:NCsoft and Cryptic Studios co-released the Holiday Event for their City of Heroes/Villains.

NCsoft and Cryptic Studios co-released the Holiday Event for their City of Heroes/Villains.

City of Heroes & Villains Kicks off Holiday Event
Starting today and ending Jan. 2, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios are conducting their popular Winter Event for City of Heroes and City of Villains. Heroes and villains can join up to earn fun rewards and take on new challenges as they try to save Baby New Year.

Holiday Gifts
The first element of the Winter Event, starting today, gives players a host of holiday gifts when they log in. The winter event log-in gifts include:

° A badge
° Fuzzy earmuffs costume piece
° “Holiday Spirit” temporary power where players get 24 hours of debt protection
° “Holiday Cheer” temporary power where players can give a mystery gift to another player

Father Time Mission
During the Winter Event, players can go to a snowy zone accessible through the Pocket D nightclub. In this snow zone, players can “ski” down a course on the side of the mountain and obtain the “Father Time Mission” from Father Time who is enjoying the ski chalet at the top of the zone’s mountain.

The Father Time Mission allows hero players and villain players join forces to rescue “Baby New Year” from the clutches of a variety of evil winter monsters. Players who complete the Father Time Mission will receive their choice of four rewards. Players can replay the mission multiple times to obtain all of the rewards.

Naughty or Nice?
As the Winter Event rolls on, holiday presents will appear all over Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Players open the presents and either obtain a gift or get ambushed by Snow Beasts.

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