Stratics: Tabula Rasa Beta Olympics

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Summary:Stratics released Tabula Rasa Beta Olympics that you can choose a category to help them to forge the future of Tabula Rasa.

Stratics released Tabula Rasa Beta Olympics that you can choose a category to help them to forge the future of Tabula Rasa. Below is the rule of this Olympics.

Official Rules & Regulations

There is no limit to how many events you can enter or how many submissions you can enter per event. The events will be open for roughly two weeks, so you?ll have some time to create something truly memorable. All submissions will be reviewed by our highly trained staff and we will present the top in each category for you the community to judge (via forum polls). The Gold, Silver & Bronze positions in each event will earn themselves beta slots.

There are no restrictions to participate in the events, but in order to claim a beta slot you must be at least 18 years old and be willing to sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Please also note that no official start date has been set for the beta test, so don?t expect to jump into the game the same day we announce the winners.

Every participant is only eligible to win a single slot. If anyone manages to finish in the top 3 more than once the extra slot(s) will go to another finalist in a random draw. In the event of a tie for a winning slot, extras (if available from multiple wins) will be awarded on priority. If no extras are available the staff will hold a private tie breaker vote to determine the winner.

Stratics reserves the right to publish all content submitted in our site?s community section so they can be appreciated by everyone. Please note this competition is NOT limited to Stratics regulars (although you will need a forum account to participate in voting). We?d like to extend an invitation to our comrades from all the other TR communities to join in the festivities. So what are you waiting for recruits? Get to work!


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